Web Design

Our Process

Websites4You uses a simple, effective process in designing websites from start to finish.

Assessing Your Needs

Websites4You will firstly take into account your needs for your web design project. From the design itself, to domain registration and web hosting, we will cover all the requirements to complete your website design.

Specifications & Research

After outlining the basic needs for your project, we will go into the design specifics next. Your business logo, color schemes and websites that you like are just some of the specifications we will go over. We will also begin researching similar websites (including your competitors), as well as information about your field of expertise (or industry), product, or service. This helps us not only learn about you and your business, but also in how we can implement that information into your design.

Design Mockups

Now that we have an idea of what your business is about, what your needs are, and what you'd like your site to look like, we will begin creating basic mockups of what your site will look like. Before we begin to convert your layout into a functioning web page, we will need your approval on the design itself.

Design Approval

With your approval of the site mockup, we will begin slicing and coding your layout into a fully functional website. We will also take the content that you have provided us with (photos, text, etc.) and complete each section of your site.

Site Launch

After getting final approval of the site's design and content, your website is ready for launch. We will make sure that your site complies with web standards, works across all browers and devices, and is properly tracking information about your site's visitors.

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