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Graphic Design

Creative & Original Graphic Design

We produce creative and original designs to enhance and define the text on your website. The right graphics further involve visitors and explain your business more fully than text alone. Graphics are more than pretty pictures: they are integral to the user's experience on your site and will add valuable 'eye time' to each viewing.


If you already have photographs and/or other images of your products and services, we can use them in new and creative ways on your website. No images? We will create royalty-free photographs and drawings that will be exclusive to your website.


We create graphic components that feature the content of your website — not the other way around. Visitors will not be so “wow-ed” by dime store effects that they neglect to scan your information. Our artists understand that the subtle use of cutting-edge techniques can impart expertise and quality to your text. You'll find that our sites feature 3-D imagery, for example, as the highlight for a logo or icon, not as an end in itself.


In the past several years, graphic designers have changed how information looks on the internet. Remember those websites with the black backgrounds and unreadable white text? Our graphic designers use the newest scientific research to create images that are easy to see and simple to navigate. Your products will look their best thanks to artful shading, reflections and gleam — along with many other tools and techniques that our graphics design staff employs. There are 216 basic colors on a computer screen with an unlimited number of possible gradiations and shadings.


The best images download quickly and give visitors a greater understanding of the text or products on the screen. Research shows that a delayed or 'stuck' image is a prime reason people leave a website. Our graphic designers are skilled at creating designs that are clear and colorful, yet each is designed within the parameters of maximizing the medium.

Logo Design

A logo is a graphic representation of a company, a product, a service or an idea. Once a logo has been created for your company, its color and shape will be the basis of every other graphic. When done right, logos take on a life of their own. Every one of us can picture the five rings of the Olympics and the Nike whoosh. Let us design the logo for your company and begin to create a brand identity today.


Icons are small visual devices that enable visitors to navigate a website with ease. The tiny picture of a mailbox that shows you have email is an icon; the shopping cart picture is where your 'store' your on-line purchases until checkout. While stock icons are available, creating custom icons can further 'brand' your website. If you breed dogs, for example, we can create canine-related icons to use throughout your website. A small touch, yet when repeated throughout a site, custom icons more completely involve the visitor, transforming the necessary interfaces into a pleasant interaction, extending the website visit.


The attention-getter on many screens is the banner, the horizontal band across the top of the page advertising a particular company, idea or service. Animations, shiny buttons, expanding / shrinking text, bright colors, 3-D effects and more can be used to shout out the presence of your products and services. Our graphics designers will custom-create the right banner for each application. For example, a banner on the National Geographic Magazine website home page should look different from one on the Water Conditioning Purification Magazine website. This means they research where your advertising dollars are being spent so they can determine how to maximize the effect of your banner in that particular setting.


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