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Original Material

Our article writing service provides original content for your website in all subject areas. We research each topic and create original material using your keywords and phrases throughout, reinforcing your message constantly. Once prepared, these articles will belong to you. They will never be used in another capacity, guaranteeing the original and unique nature of the editorial material on your website. This will increase SEO, provide higher rankings, increase visibility, raise credibility and keep visitors on your site longer. In fact, in terms of value for $, creative copywriting is one of the smartest web investments you can make.

Scan Time Increases

Interesting and involving copywriting is critical to the success of any website. Think of the potential of having a visitor scan an article all the way to the end: with professional works of interest and depth in your subject area, you will be able to maximize the earning potential of each screen view. Highlighted keywords, subheadings and links to outside sources all increase scan time and heighten the credibility of your website.

Eye Tracking

Writing for the internet is not like writing on the printed page. Users have their finger on the mouse, ready to move on to the next page — or the next website. Our writers are skilled at combining objective copywriting with scan-able text and concisely presented research. Those three factors in each and every article mean even the briefest look by a visitor gleans information. We know how to maximize the attention of that 'foraging' internet traveler. Our complete copywriting service (where we write all original copy for your website) mixes long and short articles, graphs and photos, artwork and quotations, all with keywords and hyperlinks.

Raise Your Credibility

Additionally, we can create by-lined articles featuring you and/or your staff. When these articles are placed on other websites (e.g., trade associations, industry blogs, news sites), the links we include with your name and in the 'about the author' section will direct all readers to your website.


We do not use software programs to generate articles and never have; our live editorial staff rivals that of any publisher. Most website articles are from 300-600 words in length, although we can prepare works of any size to suit your needs. The average visitor reads 600 words in 3 minutes; however, most internet users don't read every word. Eye tracking studies reveal the way in which people scan the screen (F patterning); our articles are crafted accordingly. On larger projects, our staff will prepare exclusive magazine-type articles with subtitles, graphs and graphics. If it is applicable to your site, such articles can include research citations, bibliography, photo credits, etc.


For the broadest possible reach, each article is written utilizing current grammar and conventions in American English. We highly recommend this basis for the majority of websites today to ensure the broadest possible visitor comprehension.


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